About surf publications

Surf Publications Ghana Limited, established in 2000, is a media owner and publishing house using only the latest machinery. Beginning with just a staff strength of six (6) at the time, Surf Publications has shown a lot of potential and growth in financial strength and products range and services over the past few years. At present, Surf Publications has staff strength of Thirty-One (31) as well as Three (3) Regional Agents in Kumasi, and Takoradi. The Company’s annual turnover was around Eight Hundred and Twenty Thousand US Dollars (USD$820,000) in 2007 and has even exceeded 1million US Dollars in 2010 due to some new investments.

At Surf, our focus is on the promotion and advertising of Ghanaian companies through quality services.

The Company received its Certificate of Incorporation on 7th February 2000 as a limited liability company with the Registrar General after having complied with the provisions of Sections 27 and 28 of the Companies Code, 1963. 

The Company operates under the Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) Registration No. 88,990/1006 and has its registered office and business location at Tse Addo behind Trade Fair - Two Junctions from Bakeshop Classics, La, Accra.

In January 2007, Surf Publications Ghana Limited was formally accepted into membership of the prestigious Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).

Our Vision 
To be the Nation’s benchmark Media and Publishing Company committed to the promotion and advertising of Ghanaian companies through quality services.

Our Mission 
To provide quality, innovative and affordable products and services that offer our clients a tremendous competitive advantage and help them meet their business goals. 

Our Values
We believe in 
•    Quality in everything we do.
•    Exceeding customer expectations.
•    Continuous improvement, innovation and embracing change. 
•    Trust, respect and integrity in all our relationships.